Sunday, May 30, 2010

Welcome Our New Pet

Well if something looks different you guessed it. It's a chicken! Her name is Ruby and she is very tame. So, how did we acquire this pretty bird? Well, we went for a run with the dogs on a local trail which parallels a semi trafficked road. There are no homes in this area. The nearest house is at least 7 miles away. Nonetheless, as we were running along, there was a chicken in the middle of the trail. She just sat there and pecked the ground. We didn't want to frighten her so we walked over to the road part and continued on. We made it to the end of the trail and were heading back when there she was again. This time we decided to attempt a rescue. So my dog was tied up and I slowly approached her making cooing sounds. I was thinking how painful it will be when she pecks my hand or even worse, if she ran in the road when a car was coming by. I slowly kept approaching and my heart was racing. I think I was sweating more than I was when I was running! So there we are. Human and chicken. Face to face. Standing there. I slowly bent down, expecting the worse- I am normally an optimist. But dreading the snap of her beak into my hand. I announced back "I'm here, so now what?" Lisa said "Pick her up." I placed my hands onto her wings, grasping her slowly and I picked her up. No bite. No struggle. No resistance. I cooed again and she cooed back. I announced back "I got her, so now what?" But when I looked up Lisa was gone. Running as fast as she could with both dogs towards the car. She had at least 2 miles to go. So I walked up to the road and started to walk back with my new friend under my arm. I cooed and she cooed back. I wondered what the passing cars thought as I had this big beautiful hen tucked under my arm. Lisa made it back to us. And the hen made no mention to the panting dogs one foot away from her. She was very tame.

We brought her home and built a very nice coop the following day. We searched for postings of a lost pet and left word and the neighborhood feed store, but found no owners of her. We named her Ruby, but I call her Miss Chicken. She fits right in with us. What a blessing!

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