Sunday, October 24, 2010

Change Is Always Good

Change Is Always Good- So what do I mean by this? Well the world wide web is constantly evolving and we all have less and less time in our day to day routine. We need life to be simple. I have been listening to many of you who have asked me to "Make it simpler to use". Well I listened because BarleysList is constantly growing and changing. We believe our visitors and their love for their pets are the reason BarleysList is so successful. We are not going to stop giving free information to our pet friendly world. We are only changing the face of our home page and hopefully simplify it for those who prefer simplicity. I hope you enjoy the new face coming. Above is only part of it. I will keep you posted and thank you everyone for your input!
Sincerely, Liz Papp, Founder/ Owner

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